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Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health

While dentistry can help your smile look its best and your mouth feel great, did you know that dental care can also improve your body as a whole? Your mouth is the gateway to the body, so when your smile is damaged, diseased, or incomplete, it hurts other aspects of your body as well. Research has linked oral health to both heart and brain health as well, meaning a neglected smile can impact major organs in your body!

Conservative, Healthy Treatments

At Smile Lab, we will never recommend or perform unnecessary dental work. We believe that your natural teeth are the best teeth, and we will do whatever we can to preserve your natural smile. This also means we use non-toxic and natural dental materials whenever possible. Since what we do in your mouth can affect your whole body, you deserve nothing but the best.

HealthQuarters Support

Smile Lab is located in the new HealthQuarters Mt. Sinai facility in New York, NY. This facility isn’t just home to us, but also a wide range of other healthcare professionals! This means you can visit just one location, and get the support you need from doctors of many different specialties. You’ll find it so much simpler and more convenient when you have one trusted location for improving your health. 

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