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Dr. Waise Ebrahimi

Dr. Waise Ebrahimi graduated from the country’s top dental school, University of California San Francisco, which has remained the #1 recipient of the federal NIH awards for the past 13 years. After receiving his Doctorate in Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Ebrahimi continued to pursue opportunities to master his skills in long-lasting predictable cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, in particular the philosophies of the world-renowned Kois Center for advanced dentistry.

In an effort to create a holistic dental experience for his patients, he has partnered with HealthQuarters alongside Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York’s largest medical system) and other healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive, collaborative, and convenient care for his patients. Dr. Ebrahimi has always been a strong proponent for preventative and conservative dental care that is focused on not only preserving his patients’ natural teeth structures but also taking into consideration his patients’ WHOLE body and wellness. Scientific research has proven in recent years the oral-systemic connection is powerful, and Dr. Ebrahimi wants to help his patients realize their complete well-being.

Dr. Ebrahimi was born and raised in the suburbs of San Francisco, California. He moved to New York City as it had always been his dream to be a part of the Big Apple. He loves languages and culture, and currently speaks three languages including Spanish and Farsi. He is also taking classes to add Portuguese to his arsenal. In his free time, he is an avid runner, a critical pizza connoisseur, and, when he gets the chance, you can find him globetrotting around the world.

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