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Advanced Technology

At Smile Lab, we love learning about the newest advancements in dental technology that allow for convenient, comfortable and effective treatment for our patients. We provide our patients with the latest in digital x-raying and 3D imaging, allowing us to get an indepth look at your dental needs and create a treatment plan individually catered to you. Book an appointment with our New York, NY clinic today and begin your journey to a healthier smile!

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are a great way to give your dentist a unique look into your oral health by capturing images from inside your mouth. The handheld, toothbrush-like wand usually comes with an LED light attached so no external lighting is needed. We will project these images onto a computer screen so you can see any problems first hand and get a better understanding of why treatment is needed. It is a quick and easy way to give our patients a more intimate picture of their oral care needs. 

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have seen huge advancements since they were first used for dentistry. There are a range of benefits with digital x-rays including:

  • Safety – In the past, x-rays were a cause of concern because of exposure to radiation. With Smile Lab’s advanced digital x-ray technology, radiation exposure is cut by 90%, while still capturing precise, clear imagery. 
  • Speed – Unlike older film-based x-ray models, where images would have to be developed, digital x-rays sees the images appear on the computer screen instantly, allowing for a speedier diagnosis and treatment.
  • Quality – Film processed images could be quite unclear and difficult for the patient to follow, but now with digital imagery the images are more precise and reliable, making it easier for the patient to see and understand their diagnosis.
  • Storage – Digital images can be stored on a patient’s file without worrying about degradation of the images, lost film, etc. that came with older film x-rays. 

To learn more about our digital x-ray systems and how they can benefit you in your dental treatments, book an appointment and come down to Smile Lab’s New York, NY clinic today! 

3D Imaging

Here at Smile Lab, we offer the most advanced imagery in dentistry – cone beam CT  scanning or 3D imaging. This process not only gives you incredibly clear imagery and an instant diagnosis, it is quick and painless. The scanner will move around your head once, capturing different angles to build a complete 3D image. This process is used when regular dental x-rays will not suffice. Some uses for 3D imaging include:

  • Identifying impacted teeth
  • Accurate placement of dental implants
  • Clear imagery of jaw, nasal cavity and nerve canals
  • Detect and diagnose oral cancer
  • Root canal planning

Want to learn more about our latest digital technologies here at Smile Lab? Book an appointment with us today, we can’t wait to invite you to our New York, NY clinic!

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