Teeth Whitening in Soho, NY

Whether you enjoy a morning coffee to get started or a nightly glass of wine to unwind, staining on your teeth is bound to build up. But you don’t have to let it stay that way. Teeth whitening in Soho, NY, is a simple, effective, in-office treatment that can reduce the appearance of stains and provide you with a naturally whiter smile.

Smile Lab Dentistry provides teeth whitening treatment that is safe to use on your smile. Because our office takes a holistic approach to our patient’s care, we ensure that our treatments, including teeth whitening, don’t utilize any harmful materials.

Staining can have a huge impact on the confidence we have in our smile, causing us to feel self-conscious at events and in photos. If you have experienced insecurity due to staining on your teeth, schedule a consultation to discuss our teeth whitening treatment in Soho, NY.

Soho Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our teeth whitening treatment at Smile Lab Dentistry lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. On the day of the treatment, we’ll start by noting the original shade of your teeth. Then, we will polish your teeth to remove any plaque. We’ll also create a barrier around your teeth and gums to prevent your gums from becoming irritated and to keep your teeth dry.

The whitening solution will be placed into the trays and fitted to your teeth, where it will sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, we’ll rinse off the solution. You will have to avoid foods that are highly pigmented for the next 24 hours to avoid impacting your results.

Teeth whitening’s main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution, which breaks down on the teeth and allows oxygen into the enamel. This lightens the shade of your teeth, helping you reach a whiter smile.

Teeth Whitening in Soho, NY

Aside from gaining a brighter, whiter smile, there are many other benefits of choosing Smile Lab Dentistry for your teeth whitening treatment in Soho, NY. Some of the other advantages of professional teeth whitening from our office include:

    • Treatment customized to suit your needs: Our teeth whitening treatment is tailor-made to give you the color and look you want. The mouth trays we use to bleach our teeth will be customized to fit you perfectly, ensuring every tooth is whitened evenly.
    • We use safe formulas: We only use the safest and most effective teeth whitening brands, meaning you will receive the best treatment, and no damage will be caused to your teeth.
    • Continuous expert care: Are you experiencing some sensitivity? Do you need help achieving your desired shade? Whatever the issue with your prior teeth whitening treatments, we are on hand to personalize your treatment and help you manage any side effects at home.
    • Quality results: Our teeth whitening procedure is guaranteed to give you long-lasting, top-quality results that can keep your smile in its best condition for years to come.

Don’t hide your smile any longer. Start your teeth-whitening journey today at our Soho, NY, office. You’ll be glad you came to see us!

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Results from your teeth whitening treatment may last anywhere from six months to three years. The variation largely depends on how well you care for your teeth and your hygiene habits. Some factors that may affect the appearance of your teeth are smoking, drinks such as coffee and wine, and foods that cause stains, such as berries. If you regularly smoke and eat or drink staining foods, your results may fade more quickly.
Proper hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth and drinking wine and coffee in moderation can keep stains at bay and prolong your results.

If you’d like to maintain your results, you can schedule teeth whitening treatments in Soho, NY, at our office every year or so.

Cost Of Teeth Whitening In Soho, NY

Our goal at Smile Lab Dentistry is to provide affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions to enhance the appearance of your smile. The average cost of teeth whitening in Soho, NY, is between $100 and $500. Schedule a consultation with our team to get a more precise estimate for your teeth whitening treatment.