Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety and fear can get the best of us and research shows that over 60% of Americans have some dental anxiety. We believe anxiety should not get in the way of you receiving proper dental care. That’s why the team at Smile Lab have various sedation dentistry techniques for even the most worried patient. Whether you want a mild sedative or a state of deep relaxation, our specialist team can find the right treatment for you. Don’t put off getting that toothache looked at any longer. Book an appointment at our conveniently located New York, NY clinic today! 

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide produces a mild sedative effect. Unlike with other sedatives, you won’t have any short-term memory loss, just a feeling of calm and well-being while under treatment. Laughing gas is inhaled through a mask and takes effect immediately. Our specialized treatment team is on hand to administer the gas, carefully monitoring the amount of gas you receive. Once you have finished treatment, the effects of the gas dissipate, allowing you to go about your day as normal! You can even transport yourself home if this is the only form of sedation taken.  

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation puts you in complete control of the level of sedation you would like to achieve. This sedation produces a mild to moderate effect, allowing the patient to relax while in the dental chair. Some patients who take a higher dose may even fall asleep! Another benefit of oral sedation is that it can be taken alongside nitrous oxide to achieve an even deeper relaxed state. The anti-anxiety pill is taken one hour prior to treatment, therefore we ask you to designate someone to drive you to and from the procedure, as this sedation produces more side effects then laughing gas. 

IV Sedation

IV sedation gives a deeper level of sedation than oral or nitrous oxide sedation and is the best option for those who are extremely anxious undergoing a dental procedure. Some benefits of IV sedation include:

  • No memory of surgery – this type of sedation creates short-term amnesia so you will not recall the procedure
  • No sense of time – you may feel as though the procedure lasted no time at all
  • No anxiety during treatment – you feel a deep sense of relaxation with IV sedation

This sedation method releases an anti-anxiety through the bloodstream during the procedure meaning you will feel the effects almost immediately. You will be monitored closely by a trained specialist throughout the treatment so you can be sure that you are completely safe. This form of sedation can leave you drowsy afterwards, so please have someone bring you home after your procedure. 

Smile Lab can ensure all our sedation methods are safe and effective. However, there are some reasons to avoid sedation dentistry. If sedation has been recommended to you for a procedure, we ask you to please disclose any recent medication, surgeries or allergies you may have so we can keep you safe, happy and healthy while in our care. To learn more about each type of sedation method and which one is best for you, make an appointment with our New York, NY clinic today. 

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