Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency can refer to a broad range of dental issues from severe pain to a broken tooth, if it is causing you distress then it is important to get the problem fixed straight away. At Smile Lab, we  have years of experience in dental care and with our convenient location in Manhattan, our New York, NY clinic is ready to care for any dental emergency you may have. Don’t live with worry or pain, call us today to book an appointment.

What Qualifies as an Emergency?

There are various issues that can be classified as a dental emergency, but broadly speaking, it is anything that is affecting your day to day living or putting your health at immediate risk. For example, some common dental emergencies include:

  • Injuries to the gums – this can damage your teeth and put you at risk of infection
  • Loose teeth or tooth loss – no adult should lose their teeth. If you have loose teeth or have lost a tooth, see your dentist ASAP
  • Abscess – an abscess is a very serious and potentially life-threatening situation. If you have a pus-filled pimple along with pain, fever and gum swelling seek urgent care
  • Loose filling – a loose filling can leave your tooth exposed and at risk of decay or infection
  • Excessive bleeding – If you are experiencing bleeding gums or bleeding from the mouth that is excessive or worsening, prompt care is needed as it can be a sign of gum disease
  • Knocked out tooth – a knocked out tooth can be potentially saved if treated early

These are just some of the common dental emergencies that can happen but if you are experiencing any pain, swelling, bleeding or mouth abnormalities, call Smile Lab today so we can access the problem and book you in for an appointment.

Why See a Dentist for Emergency Care?

Whether your dental issue requires urgent care or is something that can be resolved within a few days, you should always see a dentist if you notice something wrong. Some problems, like gum disease can have mild signs such as dull pain, but if left untreated, this can turn into a serious issue, eventually leading to tooth loss. With over 13 years experience, our dentist, Dr. Waise Ebrahimi, has seen and treated many dental emergencies, so however big or small the problem, remember you are in safe hands at Smile Lab! To make it more convenient for you, you can call, email or book your appointment online, don’t wait, come see us today.

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