Emergency Dentist in Soho, NY

A dental emergency can refer to a broad range of dental issues, from severe pain to a broken tooth. If it is causing you stress, then it is important to get the problem fixed straight away. At Smile Lab Dentistry, we have years of experience in dental care, and with our convenient location in Soho, NY, our office is ready to care for any dental emergency you may have. Don’t live with worry or pain; call us today to book an appointment.

What Qualifies as an Emergency?

Various issues can be classified as a dental emergency, but broadly speaking, it is anything affecting your day-to-day living or putting your health at immediate risk. For example, some common dental emergencies include:

    • Injuries to the gums: This can damage your teeth and put you at risk of infection.
    • Loose teeth or tooth loss: If you have loose teeth or have lost a tooth, see your dentist right away.
    • Abscess: An abscess is a very serious and potentially life-threatening situation. If you have a pus-filled pimple along with pain, fever, and gum swelling, visit our office as soon as possible.
    • Loose filling: A loose filling can leave your tooth exposed and at risk of decay or infection.
    • Excessive bleeding: If you are experiencing bleeding gums or bleeding in your mouth that is excessive or worsening, prompt care is necessary as it can be a sign of gum disease.
    • Knocked-out tooth: A knocked-out tooth can be potentially saved if treated early.

These are just a few common dental emergencies that can happen. If you are experiencing any pain, swelling, bleeding, or mouth abnormalities, call Smile Lab Dentistry today so we can assess the problem and book you for an appointment.

Why See a Soho Dentist for Emergency Care?

Whether your dental concern requires urgent care or is something that can be resolved within a few days, you should always see a dentist if you notice something is wrong. Some problems, like gum disease, can have mild signs, such as dull pain, but if left untreated, this can become a serious issue, eventually leading to tooth loss. With over 13 years of experience, our dentist, Dr. Waise Ebrahimi, has seen and treated many dental emergencies. So, however big or small the problem is, remember you are in safe hands at Smile Lab Dentistry! If you need emergency dental services in Soho, NY, contact our office today to schedule an urgent appointment.

Emergency Dental Services in Soho, NY

A dental emergency can be scary, but with the right dentist, it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Ebrahimi is experienced in treating a variety of dental problems and can provide you with timely and compassionate care.

We prioritize a holistic approach to dentistry, focusing on the wellness of your whole body. This includes checking that everything we use is safe and does not contain hazardous materials.

Plus, we’re open beyond the traditional hours of 9 to 5 so that our patients can get the attention they need when needed. We’re open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and we have appointments available on Fridays and Saturdays so that you can get the attention you need when you need it.

What to Expect During and After Emergency Dental Treatment at Our Soho Office

When you experience a dental emergency, it’s important to contact our office right away. We ensure there is time in our schedule so that we can get you an appointment right away. When you call our office, explain the extent of your emergency so we can respond properly. We can also provide you with tips to alleviate any discomfort until you can get into our office.

Depending on your dental emergency, dental anesthetics may be used. For example, if you have lost a tooth or have a loose filling, this may be causing you intense pain. To resolve the issue, it will most likely involve using a local anesthetic. We may also suggest other methods of sedation if you experience dental anxiety.

After your dental emergency is resolved, it’s important to schedule routine exams so we can ensure you’re recovering properly. Not to mention, general exams are vital to your oral health and may prevent an emergency in the future.

Contact Smile Lab Dentistry immediately if you need emergency dental services in Soho, NY.